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Woolcub - Black Sheep Pokemon - Fairy type

Howoolf - Big Wolf Pokemon - Fairy/Dark type

A fake sheep Pokemon and its evolution, using ” A wolf in sheep’s clothing” as a theme…


I always had a thing for hand animated camera move and turn around…
I can’t tell exactly why…
probably cause it gives me the feeling I can manage everything and show exactly what I have in my head.
that can seems stupid but it makes me feel like, sculpting the animation more than drawing it.


animanga recommendation: shinsekai yori: from the new world

"in the mind, one’s consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg. what lies beneath the surface… the subconscious… is far more vast."

favorite artists: Claude Monet (1840-1926)

“Without the water, the lilies cannot live, as I am without art.”
“I will paint almost blind, as Beethoven composed completely deaf.”

Track: love the world
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personal achievement: i’ve never had a naruto phase 

thats not an achievement thats a disappointment


i always liked secret bases in pokemon! i wonder how many kids were inspired to become interior designers because of them


Hebitsukai (へびつかい)


This scene gets a lot better when you learn that it was improvised. They were supposed to share a long hug, but as Shrek picked Shadow up, he realized the characters just wouldn’t be fulfilled unless they demonstrated their love for each other. Shrek went in for the kiss and Shadow reciprocated perfectly, creating the most passionate love scene in cinematic history.